Friday, May 12, 2017

Approaching an End

Our year is coming to a close very quickly! We have only 9 days of school left (after today, of course). Here's what we'll be up to:
  • Math: honing our money counting and money organizing abilities.
  • Writing: finishing a unit about poetry, along with other writing activities, such as writing about our second grade memories.
  • Reading: building our reading and writing stamina to encourage reading over the summer!
  • Community building: celebrating the last 9 days of school with class-wide privileges! We started counting down the days until summer this week, with a different privilege each day (hidden in a balloon). We'll continue this the last 9 days.

Upcoming events include:
  • Second Grade's Writing Celebration: Friday May 19th, 1:45-2:30 pm in our second grade classrooms.
  • The LAST day of school: Thursday, May 25th. We will dismiss at 12:45 pm.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Last Field Trip of the School Year (and a note about Homework)

Our last field trip for your child's second grade school year is coming up quickly!
Second grade will be traveling to the Runge Nature Center and Central Dairy
in Jefferson City, Missouri on Friday, May 5th!
  • Second Grade is requesting that you send your child to school in his/her tie-dyed t-shirt that day! At the busy Science Center, the t-shirts made it much easier to identify Beulah Ralph students quickly.
  • We will leave Beulah Ralph at 8:30 pm and return at 2:30 pm.
  • Students may leave their electronic devices at home for this trip. It will be a much shorter bus ride to the Runge Nature Center.
  • Per school policy, we are not allowing students to ride with their parents up to the Runge Nature Center. If a child does not ride the bus, they will be unable to attend the trip with us. Please send your child on the bus to the Runge Nature Center and they may ride back with you if you so choose.
Homework: This week of April 24-28 is the LAST WEEK that we will have reading homework, or homework that you have requested! We will soon be counting down to the end of the year!